Our Story

We're cooking delecious food since 1980

At the beginning of seventy's Kakah Samad(owner of the Samad group Restuarants) begin his voyage with this work as simple worker at a public restaurant in Kirkuk the city in the north of iraq. But in 1980 he decided to have his own restuarant and Actually he did.

Cooking Traditions

At Bestoon Samad Restuarant, the aim is clear: to serve authentic Iraqi food in traditional surroundings.

Food Quality

Food Quality seems to be accepted as a fundamental component to satisfy restuarant customers. So we serve authentic and healthy food.


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1st Branch Samad Restaurant


Iraq_Kirkuk, Mafraq, Domiz


Email : info@samadrestaurant

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Phone: 009647481104386

2nd Branch Samad Restaurant


Iraq_Baghdad_Almansoor, street alrawat


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3rd Branch Bestoon Samad Restaurant


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4th Branch Samad Restaurant


Iraq_Arbil, St: 60 , near White Mosque


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5th Branch Bestoon Samad Restaurant


UAE - Dubai - al rigga Str AL Ghurair Center



Phone: 0097142611710

Fax: 0097142613190

About Us

There is no sincerer love than the love of food!

Samad is a unique iraqi restaurant , which take its customers to unique environment by best iraqi chiefs and services, our branches serve more than 1,800 person per day. from early eighty tell now, we built a loyal customers that reflect our high standards in food & beverage. Now we are one of the best local brands in iraq with 4 branches in three governorates (Kirkuk,Baghdad and Erbil ) and the last one in UAE Dubai

About the owner

In the early seventies of the last century (Kaka Samad ) began his group Restaurants his career with a simple work as a factor in a popular restaurant in the city of Kirkuk in northern Iraq , and because of his love for his work and diligence has become after a short period of time a chief in kebab making that gave to his clients dish featured kebabs.

This increasing of the number of customers made him to look forward to work in Baghdad the capital of Iraq.In Baghdad he worked in a public restaurant in Alalawi region called Kabab Arbil .After that he tried to have his own restaurant. Actually he did .He bought the restaurant that he worked in (Kabab Arbil restaurant).He did all his best worked very hard to make the restaurant succeed and becomes famous.

After its brilliant success and at the beginning of eighty's he decided to return to his own first city Kirkuk ; there he established his first branch of (Samad Restaurant) . At the end of ninety's; he returned to Baghdad again and founded a second branch of his series of the group in Almansour region.He decided to open a third branch also in Almansour city under the name of the one of his sons who is called Bestoon Samad and it became (Bestoon Samad Restaurant).At last;but not finally the fourth branch is opened in Arbil which bears the name of Samad Restaurant.

In this way Samad Restaurants group is founded which attained to present what is special and delicious get its customers satisfaction and compliments that is the reason of its success and this will lead him in the opening of the fifth branch in Dubai with name Bestoon Samad iraqi food Restaurant.